Project Longevity-Statewide

Achilles "Archie" Generoso

Statewide Director

Archie was born and raised in the Hill section of New Haven. After graduating from Richard C. Lee High School, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and is a Vietnam era veteran. After leaving the service, he entered the New Haven Police Academy in February of 1975. Once he graduated from the Police academy, he worked undercover narcotics for a year and then worked for several years as a patrol officer. During that time, he attended the University of New Haven, S.C.S.U. and received a degree from Charter Oak College. He went on to become a narcotics investigator and then a uniformed Patrol Sergeant. He became the first District Manager in New Haven’s Community Policing initiative in the early 1990s and then went on to command the Narcotic and Firearm units. He retired in the mid-1990s and joined the State’s Attorney Office as an investigator. He left the State’s Attorney’s office in March of 2012 when he was asked by Chief Dean Esserman to return to the New Haven Police Department, as an Assistant Chief and command the Detective Division. Upon assuming his duties, he was given the job of implementing the State’s new gun violence reduction effort - Project Longevity. New Haven was chosen to be the first city in the State to implement the model with Hartford and Bridgeport to follow. New Haven held its first call-in in November of 2012. Since that time Project Longevity played a major role in reducing gun violence. New Haven was able to reduce the number of persons shot by half and in 2017 had the fewest number of homicides recorded in the city in over five decades. Archie retired in 2018 and went on to work at the National Network for Safe Communities on a part-time basis, where he assists various communities on a global scale with implementing the Group Violence Intervention (GVI) model.

The law enforcement facet of Project Longevity is comprised of a collegial, cohesive and comprehensive contingent of law enforcement agencies which include but are not limited to New Haven Police Department, New Haven Adult Probation, New Haven Parole and Community Services, New Haven Judicial District State’s Attorney’s Office, US Attorney's Office, FBI and ATF.


The law enforcement community is committed to supporting the moral objective against gun violence as established by the communities of New Haven and keeping their promise to respond expeditiously to group/gang violence involving the use of firearms. View our New Haven law enforcement partners

We believe that the moral decision to refrain from the illegal use of firearms is not contingent upon an individual’s formal education, employment status, housing situation or other socioeconomic factors. Gun violence is unacceptable, however, we recognize that economic deprivation, historic social and civic injustice, poor education systems, are amongst causal factors that are determinants of violent crime. Project Longevity is committed to supporting individuals who choose to pursue a positive and productive lifestyle. Our full-time social services coordinator is our single point of contact who is committed to working with individuals to ensure that they receive priority attention and rapid delivery of services as they are considered to be at high risk a perpetrators or victims of gun violence. To learn more about our Support and Outreach efforts click here.

Project Longevity is a demonstration of community interdependence, solidarity, and upstanding citizenship. Our goal is to add to and reflect the partnerships that exist amongst community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, private sector organizations, and the general public to end group involved gun violence in our communities. We are active in our communities and appreciate any opportunity to strengthen the community’s moral objection to gun violence. Click here to view our community page