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Project Longevity

Focused Deterrence

Group Gun Violence by the Numbers

Our achievements are contingent upon cohesive and sustainable law enforcement and civilian partnerships that are collaborating in a unique way to keep Connecticut's communities safe from gun violence. Utilizing focused deterrence strategies honor core deterrence ideas, such as increasing risks faced by offenders, while finding new and creative ways of deploying traditional and non-traditional law enforcement tools to do so, such as communicating incentives and disincentives directly to targeted offenders.

Looking at data will help in providing a meaningful picture of the impact of Project Longevity and gun violence perpetrated by gangs or groups in a particular area.  We believe that most people consume information differently as our site is visited by residents of our communities, researchers, students, journalist and many others. We hope that the data visualization tools will help provide an illustration of activity related to group or gang drive gun violence. Click on the buttons below to view Project Longevity related data regarding gun violence in New Haven, Hartford, and Bridgeport.

Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping displays the geographic distribution of incidents. Our data visualization and mapping displays page will allow you to pan and zoom the map and filter crimes by type (e.g. aggravated assault, murder).

 Interactive dashboards will help our communities to better understand the data in context of group violence intervention.

Shows the time [in days] when an individual is shot and killed per Project Longevity site.

Shows the distribution of shootings and homicides over the course of a 24 hour period, a week along with monthly distributions and the prevalence of shooting incidents by municipal district per Project Longevity site.

Terms Used

In-Review means that the ongoing investigation has not produced conclusive information that would allow law enforcement to designate a specific incident as having group member involvement. Law enforcement agencies are continuing to investigate in the effort to gain more knowledge related to the shooting incident. Once the needs of the investigation have been satisfied an incident may change its designation to either GMI or Non-GMI.


Group Member Involved (GMI) Indicates that either the victim and or suspect(s) (known or potential) have direct involvement with violent street groups that are community-based social networks or formal hierarchical associations. 


Fatal Shooting indicates that an individual has been struck by a gunfire and has succumbed to their injuries. 


Non-Fatal Shooting indicates that an individual has been struck by gunfire and has survived their injuries. 


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