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Project Longevity's Stacy Spell joins LEAP for its annual Read-In on the New Haven Green!

LEAP (Leadership, Education and Athletics in Partnership, Inc.) understands the value of bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to build solidarity and spread the importance of education, team work, fitness and personal development. This weekend on July 25th, Stacy Spell, Project Longevity-New Haven's program manager and life long resident of New Haven joined LEAP and other members of New Haven's community to spread the importance of literacy, the love of knowledge and reading for enjoyment to New Haven's youth. Stacy understands that in effort to keep our communities safe and thriving we must collectively engage the youth and spread messages that are encouraging and spur leadership. Officers from the New Haven Police Department, Mayor Toni Harp, State Senator Gary Holder-Windfield and many others showed up this weekend to read, laugh and befriend New Haven's brightest stars. Open a book and you'll open a mind! Photos below. Learn more about LEAP's Read-In :

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