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Project Longevity Social Services Coordinators support clients by connecting them to community resources, raising their awareness of existing services and guiding them towards opportunities and successful outcomes. 


The social services coordinator does not provide direct service but works collaboratively with existing social services providers along with probation and parole officers. By coordinating services we enhance the cohesiveness of service provider networks while preventing the duplication of efforts.


Our partners consider our client's priorities and work ardently to provide expeditious service as our clients are high risk for becoming perpetrators or victims of gun violence.


If you want help with turning your life around please contact us immediately. 




Imani Plummer:


Office Ph: 203-209-7570

We are committed to providing direct support with the coordination of social services and pathways toward opportunities

  • Employment

  • Housing

  • Education Assistance/GED

  • Provisions

  • Vocational/Job training

  • Childcare

  • Mental Health Services

  • Substance Abuse Services

  • Community Events

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship (Driver's license, state ID

  • Entrepreneurship


*The aforementioned services are contingent upon the availability of services provided by probation, parole or community-based service providers.




Gregory Mills:


Ph: 203-314-7375

New Haven:


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