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Project Longevity-Bridgeport

Harold Dimbo

Bridgeport Project Manager



phone: (203) 650-1626

Harold Dimbo was a member of the Bridgeport Police Department for 26 years. He was assigned to the Detective Bureau where his work focused on gang-related homicides.


Born and raised in the City of Bridgeport, Mr. Dimbo attended McKinley, East Side Middle, and graduated from Harding High School. In October 1988, he graduated from the Bridgeport Police Academy and was assigned to patrol Stratford Avenue, which at the time was a high crime area for drugs and guns. After making numerous drugs and guns arrests, he received one of the highest awards from Bridgeport Police Department: “Police Officer of the Year” and was given the nickname by the people of the community as “HD”. 


Dimbo attended numerous Gang-related classes. He went undercover for the State Police Task Force and helped take down dangerous gangs. He was assigned to numerous task forces such as FBI, DEA, and ATF. 

Twelve years working with the various task forces, Mr. Dimbo came back to the Bridgeport Police Department and was assigned to Wilbur Cross School as a School Resource Officer (SRO) where he mentors kids. Observing that one of the problems at Wilbur Cross was female gangs, he started the first female basketball team and taught them structure and discipline. After just two years on the team, all of the girls on the team made honor roll and went on to play high school basketball. These girls also became City champions. 

Always giving back to our youth, he is the coordinator of the group called “The Young Adult Police Commissioner.” This is an organization that teaches our Youth about Law and how to stand up for their rights, as well as teach conflict resolution. Five years working with this organization, Dimbo has helped 15 individuals go to college and helped two of them go to the United States Air Force. This organization was put together to close the gap between the Youth and Bridgeport Police Officers. 

He continues to fight against racism, hatred, and intolerance within the Department and in the community. In addition to numerous certificates that he has received, Harold Dimbo’s name is engraved on the Wall of No Tolerance in Montgomery, Alabama to provide inspiration to all who chose to take a stand against all hatred. 

Detective Dimbo’s mottos are derived from religious belief, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” -Proverbs 22:6 

The law enforcement facet of Project Longevity is comprised of a collegial, cohesive and comprehensive contingent of law enforcement agencies which include but are not limited to Bridgeport Police Department, Bridgeport Adult Probation, Bridgeport Parole and Community Services, Fairfield Judicial District State’s Attorney’s Office, US Attorney's Office, FBI, and ATF.


The law enforcement community is committed to supporting the moral objective against gun violence as established by the communities of Bridgeport and keeping their promise to respond expeditiously to group/gang violence involving the use of firearms. Our Bridgeport law enforcement partners

We believe that the moral decision to refrain from the illegal use of firearms is not contingent upon an individual’s formal education, employment status, housing situation or other socioeconomic factors. Gun violence is unacceptable, however, we recognize that economic deprivation, historic social and civic injustice, poor education systems, are amongst causal factors that are determinants of violent crime. Project Longevity is committed to supporting individuals who choose to pursue a positive and productive lifestyle. Our full-time social services coordinator is our single point of contact who is committed to working with individuals to ensure that they receive priority attention and rapid delivery of services as they are considered to be at high risk a perpetrators or victims of gun violence. To learn more about our Support and Outreach efforts click here.

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Project Longevity is a demonstration of community interdependence, solidarity, and upstanding citizenship. Our goal is to add to and reflect the partnerships that exist amongst community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, private sector organizations, and the general public to end group involved gun violence in our communities. We are active in our communities and appreciate any opportunity to strengthen the community’s moral objection to gun violence. Click here to view our community page

Project Longevity Bridgeport Introduction

Project Longevity Bridgeport Introduction

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