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Office Locations: 


1000 Lafayette Blvd

10th Floor

Bridgeport, CT 06604



750 Main Street

5th Floor

Hartford, CT 06103


New Haven:

157 Church Street

25th Floor

New Haven, CT 06510 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved with Project Longevity?


1. Build a relationship with the law enforcement community by attending community events that focus on partnerships. Get to know the officers who keep your community safe.


2. If you are an employer or provide support services and would like to partner with Project Longevity please visit our communities page and contact the program manager for your city.


3. Attend one of our speaking engagements. Please visit our events page for upcoming events in your area.


4. Join an organization in your community that is in partnership with Project Longevity or one that works to enhance positive development in your community. Visit our Community Partners page to find organizations that support Project Longevity.

What is Group Violence Intervention (GVI)?


The Group Violence Intervention (GVI) reduces violent crime when community members join together with law enforcement and social service providers to focus an antiviolence message on highly active street groups.


Is Project Longevity a Reentry Initiative?


Short answer: NO. Project Longevity focuses on pre-entry and closing off the pipeline to incarceration.


However, Project Longevity targets high-risk offenders who are members of active violent street groups/gangs. A vast number of the individuals who are involved with street groups are also under judicial supervision or recently released from incarceration. We coordinate our efforts with federal and state parole and probation offices along with established reentry programs in each city to eliminate the duplication of efforts and the overextending of limited resources targeted for support and outreach services. 


Our focused deterrence law enforcement effort considers all known members of active street groups to be within their purview in the effort to eliminate group involved violence.

Is Project Longevity a job, vocational training or education program for ex-offenders?


No, Project Longevity is a Community and Law Enforcement initiative to reduce serious violence in three of Connecticut’s major cities: New Haven, Bridgeport, and Hartford. Project Longevity is modeled after successful efforts implemented in communities across the country. However, We will provide support in securing a range of needed services to help you avoid engaging in criminal activity. This involves partnering with a number of private, public and social sector partners to expedite processes and prioritize individuals who are at high risk of becoming perpetrators or victims of gun violence.


Employment, training and housing services address several of the causal factors related to poverty and violent crimes however we believe that a morally objective message that is anti-gun violence and antithetical to the relativist nature of the street code leads to sustained outcome along with socioeconomic opportunities that result in mobility and strengthening a sense of community with residents and their law enforcement partners result in decreases in recidivism and community development. 

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