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Project Longevity Hartford

Mark Manson

Hartford Program Manager



phone: 860-707-0659

Mark Manson is a retired police officer with 25 years of police experience. After serving in the United States Coast Guard, he was hired with the Bloomfield Police Department where her served for four years. Mark then accepted a position with the Hartford Police Department, where he served for 20 years. While working in Hartford, Mark served as a Patrolman, Community Service Officer, Community Response Division, Academy Instructor, Recruiter, Detective assigned to Vice and Narcotics and Crisis/Hostage Negotiator. After retiring in 2018, he accepted a position with the East Hartford Police Department in March of 2021. On November of 2021, Mark accepted the position as Project Manager for Project Longevity Hartford. Mark knows the City of Hartford well and has a strong passion for working with the community and improving opportunities for all of Hartford's residents.

The law enforcement facet of Project Longevity is comprised of a collegial, cohesive and comprehensive contingent of law enforcement agencies which include but are not limited to Hartford Police Department, Hartford Adult Probation, Hartford Parole and Community Services, Hartford Judicial District State’s Attorney’s Office, US Attorney's Office, FBI and ATF.


The law enforcement community is committed to supporting the moral objective against gun violence as established by the communities of Hartford and keeping their promise to respond expeditiously to group/gang violence involving the use of firearms. View our Hartford law enforcement partners

We believe that the moral decision to refrain from the illegal use of firearms is not contingent upon an individual’s formal education, employment status, housing situation or other socioeconomic factors. Gun violence is unacceptable, however, we recognize that economic deprivation, historic social and civic injustice, poor education systems, are amongst causal factors that are determinants of violent crime. Project Longevity is committed to supporting individuals who choose to pursue a positive and productive lifestyle. Our full-time social services coordinator is our single point of contact who is committed to working with individuals to ensure that they receive priority attention and rapid delivery of services as they are considered to be at high risk a perpetrators or victims of gun violence. To learn more about our Support and Outreach efforts click here.

Project Longevity is a demonstration of community interdependence, solidarity, and upstanding citizenship. Our goal is to add to and reflect the partnerships that exist amongst community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, private sector organizations, and the general public to end group involved gun violence in our communities. We are active in our communities and appreciate any opportunity to strengthen the community’s moral objection to gun violence. Click here to view our community page

Marlo Bio.jpg
Marlon Thornton

Hartford Social Services Coordinator



phone: 860-716-2296

Marlon Thornton is a Hartford CT native with a heart for sports but an even bigger heart for helping empower others. He attended Southern CT State University for his undergraduate and is currently
attending the same school for his Masters in Social Work. He has been involved in social work among his community since 2010. After graduating college, Marlon was hired as a Preschool teacher where
he taught in Bloomfield for 2 years. After teaching, Marlon became a caseworker for CRT in Hartford where he provided services for the Hartford community such as distributing food, providing shelter
and finding jobs for clients. He left CRT to work in New Haven, CT as a family service worker for a short period of time before going back to CRT in Hartford to work as a Case Manager. While working
for CRT, Marlon learned about the Social Services Coordinator position for Project Longevity and applied where he was hired in January. Marlon is happy to be working and servicing the Hartford
community in trying to help people as well as being a part of trying to deter crime in the capital city.

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