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Project Longevity-Bridgeport's 2nd Annual Summer Kick Off Recap

On Saturday, July 20th the Project Longevity-Bridgeport team in partnership with RYASAP brought over 200 residents from all over Bridgeport together along with law enforcement partners, community organizations and Project Longevity clients. This event was epic as it offered an opportunity for the community and law enforcement to engage Project Longevity clients who have turned their lives around and are now seeking to make positive contributions to the Park City. The Summer Kick Off is an opportunity to break down silos, spur peaceful engagement and personal connections all in the name of community engagement, developing trust in law enforcement, solidarity and ending gun violence. By all accounts the Kick Off was a success as Bridgeport residents and their families enjoyed good food, good company, and entertainment while learning more about Bridgeport's service provider community and building relationships with community leaders.

Special thanks and acknowledgement to the one and only Harold "HD" Dimbo, Cynthia Holloway, and Lisa McKenna for thier dedication to making the day a success. It took a great deal of organization and team work to please over 200 people from all walks of life and all ages, but together we suceeded ! The BPD Mounted Police were a great new addition to our event as they allowed kids and parents alike to get up close with the horses and the officers. RYASAP's Street Safe crew performed thier magic in the crowd by providing encouragement to those in need of assistance getting thru tough times such as homlesness.

Sincere appreciation for the incredible Project Lognevity-Bridgeport staff: Edgardo, Oriana and the always willing to help interns, Catherine and Haley. They did a fabulous job of keeping everything seamless behind the scenes. For the second year in a row our good friend Ted LittleJohn manned the grill with Edgardo and never missed a beat at keeping everyone fed. To Liz Torres, Bishop Shane Gaskins and all our Project Longevity client volunteers, I salute you and thank you from the heart, without you and all the others that we work with daily nothing could be accomplished. Lastly, Bridgeport has a strong Social Service provider network that should continue to be recognized for their enduring commitment to community development and changing lives one by one. Special shout out to Dan Braccio, Terry Hardy and the Staff at Council of Churches, Bob Francis, Ron Pinciaro, Marty Issac, Brent Peterkin and Optimus Heath Care crew, the young men/women of BPD Junior Police Commissioners, CT Against Violence, BNT Staff, Carmen Nieves, and the Staff at LifeBridge !!

Please check out photos of the Summer Kick Off below. We literally have well over 500 photos and promise to post more on the Project Longevity Facebook page. Make sure you "like" us on Facebook!

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