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Project Longevity-Bridgeport's HangTime

Project Longevity-Bridgeport under the leadership of Project Manager Charles Grady continues to push the envelope on building positive social networks, creating social capital and community solidarity. Through HangTime our Bridgeport team spurs substantive conversations that are aligned with the national and local social, economic, political and cultural discourse. HangTime brings Project Longevity clients together to discuss the issues of the day while broadening perspectives and opening minds. Topics range from but are not limited to gun violence, community and law enforcement reconciliation, history and personal development. HangTime participants have been joined by civic leaders, members of the law enforcement community, visionary cultural mavericks and local residents of Bridgeport. The conversations are mostly facilitated by Charles Grady which result in candid discussions filled with humor while also being sobering and reflective. The group meets weekly and has seen increasing growth and engagement. More updates to come as HangTime moves forward. Please check out the photos below and visit us on Instagram.

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