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Bridgeport Mayoral Candidates Visit Project Longevity-Bridgeport's HangTime

A few weeks ago Bridgeport’s 2015 mayoral candidates, Joe Ganim, Mary Jane Foster and former candidate and current Mayor Bill Finch paid a visit to Project Longevity-Bridgeport’s HangTime to learn first hand about the successful partnerships that have been formed between law enforcement, the community and the private sector in addition to the challenges that ex-offenders or individuals who are determined to leave the their transgressions in the past are faced with regarding employment opportunities, housing, education, community reintegration, basic needs and the ability to play a role in the continued development of Bridgeport’s communities.

Each candidate visited the young men and woman at HangTime on separate occasions and shared their position on the issues along with their convictions over dinner. While breaking bread the candidates faced tough questions, shared laughs and discussed key issues facing individuals who have felony convictions. Hang Time is known for its frank but substantive conversations on hot button issues, of which the most important is reducing gun violence. The candidates enjoyed being a part of the jovial atmosphere in good company with the very people they are fighting to serve.

Mary Jane Foster

Joe Ganim

Bill Finch

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