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Project Longevity Bridgeport Community Recap- Fall/Winter 2015

Happy New Year! The Project Longevity Bridgeport team has been busy doing the kind of work that is only possible through unwavering support and collective effort in Bridgeport. We strongly believe that for an initiative that is comprised of partnerships such as Project Longevity, success is rooted in solidarity with community and law enforcement. Below in words and in pictures are recaps of our 2015 year end activities.

Community Recognition Awards Ceremony

On November 20, 2015, Project Longevity-Bridgeport held an awards ceremony to publicly acknowledge the support and achievements of Project Longevity partners and to raise awareness among organizational leaders on how to work in partnership to reduce gun violence and provide opportunities for those seeking help. During the ceremony, Project Longevity acknowledged and awarded several community leaders, successful clients, and outstanding law enforcement leadership that have worked tirelessly with Project Longevity. A spectacular spread of delicious hors d’oeuvres was provided by Chef Ron Klein which received rave reviews.

The awards given during the ceremony were the U.S Attorney’s Office Certificates of Achievement, Citizenship Awards from the Office of the Mayor of Bridgeport Bill Finch, Certificates of Achievement from the Office of Senator Blumenthal, Community Support Awards from the Bridgeport Police Department, and Achievement Awards from Project Longevity.

Some of the community partners that were highlighted were Street Safe, LifeBridge, VASE Construction, Wade’s Dairy, Splash Car Wash, Park City Communities, and Connecticut Against Violence. Among the recipients were Roland Whitley, Eneida Martinez, Dan Braccio, Carmen Nieves, Harold Dimbo, and Chief Joe Gaudett to name a few.

United States Attorney for the State of Connecticut, Deirdre Daly, was in attendance and presented the certificates from the U.S Attorney’s Office and also presented the Outstanding Achievement Award to our very own, Charlie Grady.

Bridgeport Chief of Police Joe Gaudett was also in attendance, and presented the Community Service Awards from the Bridgeport Police Department and was also able to accept his Achievement Award from Project Longevity.

The evening was a large success and a great opportunity to highlight and commend those who work above and beyond for both Project Longevity and the community of Bridgeport, and also to encourage and stimulate the community to make the fight against gun violence its business. (pics below and visit us on Instagram)

Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway

On November 25th in partnership with the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, the Project Longevity Statewide Coordinator Brent Peterkin and Project Longevity/Public Allies Intern Aquil Crooks along with one of Bridgeport's finest, Harold Dimbo were able to delivery 21 Thanksgiving turkey dinners to Project Longevity clients. The experience was humbling and we were more than happy to spread the holiday spirit. (pics below)

Christmas Brunch and Toy Giveaway

Once again in partnership with the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, the Project Longevity team and one of Bridgeport's best, Harold Dimbo greeted Project Longevity clients and their children for brunch, good times and Christmas gifts for the little ones. A steward for the community, Bridgeport City Council member Eneida Martinez was onsite as well along with community leaders and residents. It was a joyous event and a great way to end the year. (pics below)

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