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Project Longevity Bridgeport at the Annual Project Homeless Connect Event

Special thanks to Edgardo Soberal, Aquil Crooks and Haley Dubits of Project Longevity Bridgeport for their support of homeless individuals at the Wheeler Recreational Center at University of Bridgeport. We often come across existing and potential clients who are in transition or are totally homeless. There are myriad reasons behind their circumstances but the fact remains that they are homeless and are in need of temporary and permanent housing.

It is important that we continue to establish solidarity and develop partnerships regarding housing as housing insecurity can spur desperation and potentially lead to violent crime. Project Homeless Connect is a one day to connect adults, families and youth who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with appropriate services and screenings. This day is an opportunity to welcome our homeless neighbors into the life of the community by providing free access to community and social services all in one place and with care and dignity.

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