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Project Longevity attends the National Network for Safe Commuities 2017 National Conference

The National Network for Safe Communities provides technical advisement and a platform for peer to peer engagement to jurisdictions across the country that are currently implementing efforts that are focusing on reducing violence, informing policy, and fostering solidarity between law enforcement and communities to spur collective ownership over creating safe communities. This years conference was titled: NNSC’S 2017 NATIONAL CONFERENCE: RACE, HISTORY, AND POLICING: A NEW VISION FOR PUBLIC SAFETY

Members of Project Longevity New Haven and Bridgeport, the Statewide Coordinator, the US Attorney's Office, the New Haven Police Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives attended. Below are a few photos and a video of a panel discussion in which Project Longevity New Haven's Lt. Jacobson and Special Agent Mike Zeppieri shared insights on the efforts involved in constructing and executing shooting reviews along with the importance of Project Longevity New Haven's daily intel briefings.

Panel Discussion: Reading the Streets: Shooting Reviews

Description: New techniques are producing more timely, detailed, and useful insight into violence dynamics. The panel describes how these advances are informing law enforcement and community violence interventions; improving information sharing across agencies and with community partners; supporting the institutionalization of new practices; and increasing accountability.


  • Louisa Aviles, Associate Director, Group Violence Intervention, National Network of Safe Communities (Moderator)

  • Reygan Harmon, Ceasefire Program Director, City of Oakland (presentation)

  • Sergeant Karl Jacobson, New Haven Police Department

  • Captain Ersie Joyner, Oakland Police Department

  • Special Agent Mike Zeppieri, Resident Agent in Charge, New Haven Field Office, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

More information regarding the NNSC 2017 Conference can be found here.

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