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Honduran National Police Force visits the New Haven Police Department to learn the Project Longevity

Project Longevity New Haven had the high honor and privilege to host a delegation of the Honduran National Police Force. The Honduran National Police Force visited the New Haven Police Department to learn about the Project Longevity model, best practices, and to consider recommendations regarding how they can synthesize the most salient aspects of our work into their efforts to reduce gun violence in Honduran communities.

For several years in a row, Honduras has been listed amongst the most violent countries in the world due to high rates of homicides and gang violence. The Honduran National Police Force has made great strides in reducing violence in their country, but they are not satisfied with their achievements and aspire to build on their efforts in reducing gang violence and providing social services to communities in need. The Honduran contingent started the day by joining the daily law enforcement intel briefings held at the New Haven Police Department. Our international visitors were welcomed by US Attorney Deidre Daly and New Haven Police Chief Anthony Campbell. The Hondurans received first-hand accounts regarding the genesis of the strategic law enforcement collaborative involved with the intel briefings, the fusion of resources and intel, and the synergy created through the collective efforts of all agencies and departments involved. The daily intel briefings are regularly attended by several divisions of the New Haven Police Department, US Attorney's Office, State's Attorney's Office, State and federal parole, State probation, several other Department of Justice agencies which include ATF, FBI, and the DEA. The partnership also includes the Hamden Police Department, East Haven Police Department, West Haven Police Department, and many others.

The intel briefing was followed by an NHPD District Managers meeting and a comprehensive Project Longevity presentation. The Project Longevity New Haven team dove into the weeds through a presentation and discussion led by Project Longevity Newe Haven Program Manager Stacy R. Spell, NHPD Assistant Cheif Archie Generoso, NHPD Lieutenant Karl Jacobson, Assistant US Attorney Peter Markle, ATF Special Agent Michael Zeppieri, Lieutenant Herb Johnson, and Project Longevity Statewide Coordinator Brent Peterkin.

The fact that the Honduran National Police Force found value in visiting the New Haven Police Department to learn about Project Longevity speaks volumes about the significant achievements involving violence reduction in New Haven and the need for sustained efforts. Many communities outside of Connecticut and outside of the United States are affected by gun violence. We are inspired and deeply moved by the shared ethos which keeps the belief in the collective efficacy of law enforcement and communities at the center of its efforts regarding building and sustaining communities safe from gun violence. Let's continue to strive and keep our commitments to work collaboratively and support each other in the fight to eliminate gun violence in our communities.

Special thanks to the National Network for Safe Communities.

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