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Connecticut Against Gun Violence (CAGV) 4th Annual Policy Luncheon

Project Longevity was privileged to have been able to attend the CAGV luncheon and learn first-hand about issues related to gun violence, state and federal public policy, pending gun legislation, gun violence prevention, and the impact that the various forms of gun violence has had on communities in Connecticut and across the country. The event, although sobering, provided critical insight and momentum in the effort to spur significant reductions in gun violence. Several gun violence related issues were discussed which included urban gun violence, trauma, suicide, intimate partner violence, hate crimes, gun reciprocity, removing federal restrictions on silencers, the political environment concerning proposed legislation, and much more. Speaking on behalf of CAGV were Ron Pinciero, Carolyn Vermont, Sarah Raskin and Jonathan Perloe. The featured speakers were Kamora Herrington, Mentoring Director of True Colors, and Tim Daly, Chief of Staff for Representative Elizabeth Esty. You can learn more about CAGV by visiting their website. Special thanks to the CAGV team and Board Members for all that they do to increase awareness on gun violence issues and for being staunch advocates against gun violence.

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