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National Network for Safe Communities Shooting Review Working Sessions

Project Longevity New Haven's NHPD Assistance Chiefs Tony Reyes and Archie Generoso accompanied by Statewide Coordinator Brent Peterkin joined the National Network for Safe Communities team, police practitioners and key partners from Detroit, Jacksonville, New York, Oakland, Minneapolis, and Chicago for Shooting Review Working Sessions. The meetings were held in Chicago, IL. Shooting Reviews are essentially assessments of recent violence that involve substantive discussions about the nature of group involvement associated with homicides and non-fatal shootings.

Shooting Reviews offer opportunities to engage individuals who are high risk for being a victim or perpetrator of gun violence with words of caution and offers for help. They also provide incite into shooting incidents that support assessments of group violence and inform a coordinated response. Throughout the working sessions, best practices were shared, and the attendees were able to receive valuable insights from their counterparts. The working sessions not only provided affirmations for the direction of the gun violence reduction effort in CT but also allowed the Project Longevity team to receive valuable takeaways that may apply to the enhancement of ongoing efforts to reduce gun violence.

Special thanks to the National Network for Safe Communities.

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