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Project Longevity joins the CAV 5th Annual Youth Summit

It was a privilege to have Project Longevity engage Bridgeport high schoolers at the CT Against Violence 5th Annual Youth Summit. The event took place at Housatonic Community College located in Bridgeport, CT. Bridgeport high school students gathered at Housatonic's Beacon Hall for a forum held by the CAV team, community leaders, non-profit organizations, school officials, Mayor Ganim, the Bridgeport Police Department and many others. Several notable community leaders received acknowledgment for their outstanding dedication to Bridgeport's youth. Students received school bags, school supplies, gifts and were provided with lunch.

It was truly a day to celebrate young people with messages that reflected their value to the community. The teens also participated in workshops that touched on a variety of topics including music and culture, gun violence, community policing, career aspirations, personal development, and much more. The event centered on the importance of forming positive youth culture, community service, civic engagement, academic rigor, developing a strong work ethic, and personal development. The students were complimented by warm remarks and a celebration that spoke to their intrinsic value. The kids also had an opportunity to let loose in the form of a spirited dance-off and live entertainment.

The teens were engaged, energetic, and appreciative for the show of love and support. Project Longevity is honored to be considered amongst the partners of CAV and as a contributor to community social organizing efforts that reduce violence and improve the overall prospects of Bridgeport's youth.

Congrats to Roland Whitney for receiving commendations from US Senator Richard Blumenthal and Bridgeport's Mayor Joe Ganim for his community service and enduring dedication to supporting the city's youth population.

Special thanks to CAV Executive Director Kingsley Osei, Andrea Weller, BPD Lt. Lonnie Blackwell, Bridgeport Sheriff Stephen Nelson, Kevin Muhammad, Ernest Newton, Maritza Bond, Bob Mirto, Jacabed Rodriguez, Carolyn Vermont, Roland Whitley, Terri Williams, Janet Ortiz, Erika Kimberly Stanley, G Money, DJ Santos, Ruff Ryders and recording artist Brilo, Terry Walden and Housatonic Community College, and many others.

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