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Residents of New Haven's communities joined Project Longevity New Haven and the Wilson Branch Li

Project Longevity is appreciative of community members who supported this event and shared their perspectives on gun violence, their response to the documentary and engaged their neighbors in solidarity. Project Longevity is committed to creating safe spaces for learning and dialogue regarding gun violence and implore our fellow community members to join us in taking action. Photos below.

"After a school fight lands 17-year old Daje Shelton in a court-supervised alternative high school, she's determined to turn things around and make a better future for herself in her rough St. Louis neighborhood. But focusing on school is tough as she loses multiple friends to gun violence, falls in love for the first time, and becomes pregnant with a boy, Ahkeem, just as Ferguson erupts a few miles down the road. Through Daje’s intimate coming-of-age story, For Ahkeem illuminates challenges that many Black teenagers face in America today, and witnesses the strength, resilience, and determination it takes to survive."

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