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UP CLOSE: "Crime is decreasing" — rhetoric or reality?

Check out the article regarding gun violence reduction efforts and outcomes in New Haven. Project Longevity was recognized as a contributing factor in the reduction of street group driven gun violence in the Elm City.

"Jacobson, like others interviewed by the News, attributed crime rate reductions to Project Longevity — a collaboration between law enforcement, community representatives and social service providers to stop gun violence in Hartford, Bridgeport, and New Haven."

The Project Longevity team would like to commend New Haven Project Manager Stacy Spell, New Haven Police Department, US Attorneys Office, the State Attorneys Office, Probation, Parole, Street Outreach workers, and community collaborators for their willingness to create synergy and cultivate an enduring collaboration that has been prove useful in making New Haven safer.

Click here to view the full article:

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