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Project Longevity's Stacy Spell featured in a fascinating new book, Chess and the Law: An Anthol

Stacy Spell

Chess and the Law selectively surveys the many interesting and unusual ways that the game of chess has intersected with the practice of law in the United States. Written in an engaging narrative style, there are four types of entries: (1) accounts of chess-related crimes, lawsuits, and agency actions; (2) anecdotes about attorney- and judge-players of note; (3) comments on law journal articles that use chess as an analogy; and (4) chess-themed quotes and quips from judicial opinions. These pieces are interspersed, and loosely woven together in chapters, in a browsable book that is both informative and entertaining. Chess and the Law is filled with true crime, chess history, and legal history. It is also a valuable desk reference for judges and attorneys in search of elegant chess quotes for their legal writing. Chess and the Law is many things, blended together in a book that quickly transforms from anthology to page-turner.

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